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Installing PocketZOOM Using ActiveSync

This document assumes you have completed:
1) Pre-requisites

Download the PocketZOOM CAB file and save it to your computer. Make sure you save it in a location where you can find it easily, the Desktop for instance
Note: PocketZOOM is distributed as a CAB file. Different CAB files are available for different types of processors. Please select the right CAB file depending on the processor in use in your Pocket PC device. Ex: ARM, X86, MIPS, etc...

Connect the Pocket PC device to the Desktop, and turn on the device
ActiveSync automatically starts
Click on the "Explore" button in the toolbar in ActiveSync Window

- This
opens the "Windows Explorer" window and shows the Pocket PC file structure
- Click on the "My Pocket PC" icon to browse the devices internal memory

- Please copy the downloaded PocketZOOM CAB file into the "Temp" folder of the Pocket PC

- Now, go to the Pocket PC device and open the "File Explorer" application (1 and 2)
- You may need to change the root folder from "My Documents" to "My Device"  ( * )
- Browse to the "Temp" folder in the Pocket PC and tap on the CAB file you just copied  (3 and 4)

- This will install PocketZOOM in the Pocket PC
- The CAB file from the "Temp" folder of the Pocket PC will be automatically deleted once the installation is over
- Continue to
Post-Installation Setup (Button Configuration)

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Since PocketZOOM is free, support is not guaranteed. You may, however, contact me at with questions.
Copyright 2003-2004 Craig Gemmill. All rights reserved.